Old Hollywood comes to the Oscars

As I watched the Oscars red carpet footage, I was stunned by how beautiful Cate Blanchett looked in a simple, classic gown by Georgio Armani. The gorgeous gown featured embroidered bead work that absolutely illuminated her as she walked the red carpet.

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But as gorgeous as her dress was, it was her earrings that absolutely blew me away. These earrings definitely made a statement as they featured giant clusters of brilliant opals in pale blues, oranges, mint greens and pinks. I have never seen such beautiful craftmanship and can say with absolute certainty that these earrings are a work of art. Needless to say, I have never covetted anything more in my life.
The pastel tones of the opals casted a rosy glow on her creamy completion and complimented her neutral makeup, making her eyes the stand out even more. Such a clean, natural makeup look brings her entire ensemble together and balances the heady, opulent embellishments that punctuated the look. As always, Cate does not disappoint as her ensemble exudes the sexiness and femininity of old hollywood starlets.

Interesting to note that opals are said to bring bad luck to those who wear them who cannot claim them as their birth stone. As Cate’s birthday is in May and not October (opal’s birth month), I really hope this is not an omen of what is to come for her this evening in the highly competitive Best Actress category. I anxiously await the Best Actress results and wish her good luck!

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