Style Inspiration of the Week: Wallis Simpson

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Known to many as the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson became a household name and celebrity when King Edward VIII abdicated the throne so that he could marry her. This caused a huge sensation at the time as not only was the king giving up his throne, Wallis was already twice divorced. She was noticed everywhere she went and because of this, her style grabbed the attention of the entire world. 
    THEN                                      NOW
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Wallis Simpson was known for her fitted jackets that emphasized her delicate waist. She was big on tailoring so look for jackets that conform to the body and nip in at the waist. 
Nina Ricci’s F/W 2013 outfit shown on the left demonstrates this point. Not only does her ensemble recreate the same fluid lines that Wallis’ look had, but the look has been re-imagined using a new fabric. 
    THEN                                      NOW
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It seems the world has been struck with peplum fever once again! Peplums were incredibly popular in Wallis’ hayday (1940s) and they seem to be popping up everywhere again. Thakoon’s outfit on the right showcases a modern example of the peplum.

Re-creation of this look is simple. Look for a top (or dress) with a flared peplum that sits at your natural waistline and pair it with a simple A-line or pencil skirt. This type of peplum will make your waist the focal point and build you an hourglass shape.

   THEN                                     NOW
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Wallis liked to push fashion boundaries and in 1937 was photographed wearing the famous ‘Lobster Dress’ designed by Elsa Schiaparelli in partnership with Salvador Dali. This was extremely controversial and peculiar for the time as Dali liked to use lobsters as a symbol of sexuality. 

Just like Wallis, Mary Katzantrou also likes to push fashion boundaries with her eye popping digital prints and unusual silhouettes. Be inspired by Wallis Simpson, and dare to be different. Always keep them guessing. 
Cheat sheet: Wallis Simpson’s Key Looks
  • knee length A-line skirts
  • peplum waists
  • fitted jackets
  • interesting prints 

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