Style Inspiration of the Week: Sandy Olsson from the Hit Movie Grease

Growing up, I was obsessed with the 1978 hit, Grease. My best friend and I would have Grease parties where we would dress up like Sandy and Frenchy and sing along word-for-word with the entire movie- those were the days! My obsession with this movie has stayed with me all these years and may in part be the catalyst for my love of all things 1960s. Just to put you all in a good mood, I’ve included a clip from the movie where the cast sings ‘Summer Loving’. 🙂 

Now that you’re in the Grease spirit and have Summer Loving stuck in your head, what better time to talk fashion! Sandy Olsson is a particular delight as a style icon as she presents two very different looks throughout the movie. Starting Sandy loves a good midi skirt, cardigan, and peter pan collar which draws the jocks to her like moths to a flame (much to Danny Zuko’s dismay).

As vintage styles, especially midi and maxi skirts, are trending this spring/summer, what better time to be inspired by Sandy Olsson’s classic, feminine look. Look for full skirts that fall past the knees in pretty pastel tones and pair them with simple tops with stunningly sweet embellishments to get that oh so sweet sandy look. And don’t forget the pearls!
Pretty in Pastels
Sandy’s second look is a particular favourite of mine. Sandy shed her simple style in favour of leather and spandex and turns everyone on their heads when they realize who is standing before them in the second half of the movie. There’s nothing like an impromptu style change to give a girl some added swagger! 
When you’re tired of swinging those circle skirts, slip into a pair of black skinny jeans, shrug on your vegan leather jacket and punch up your look with splashes of vibrant red. I’m obsessed with polka dots so I had to include them in my Sandy inspiration board below! In my books polka dots can be dressed both sweetly or sexily, you just simply can’t go wrong.  
Pretty in Polka Dots
Look for my next blog post later this week which will feature my take on these two great 1960s styles!
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