Crazy for Plaids, Capes and Outlander

Inspired by: Outlander by kaelin-king

Big news: it’s fall, and I’m obsessed with plaid! Not too much of a shocker there as plaid is tradionally paired up with this cheerfully vibrant season but my obsession stems from something else. Something crazier. Something embarassingly “fangirl”-esque. My love for the ever popular Outlander book and television series.

If you haven’t read or seen this, you need to. End of story. Then come back and read this blog post and you’ll understand my insatiable desire to own a rainbow of plaid, especially when it’s been sewn into an adorably stylish cape. Because every girl needs a cape, especially one that makes her feel as if she travelled back in time to Scotland in the middle of the 1700s, right?

Good Girl Gone Plaid Jacket: Nastygal

Plaid Wool Cloak: Aliexpress

Cashmere Plaid Cape Coat: Etsy

I desperately adore this last one out of all of them, just in case you were wondering. Which one do you love the most?

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