Lace and Tweed: A Sweet Fall Duo

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I’m going to miss these glowing fall days. There’s just something about that soft, warm light that just makes me feel wonderful. Ah, goodbye lady autumn.

Now that I’ve said by goodbyes, let’s get down to business. If you’re like me, you like to mix polar opposites when you’re picking out what to wear. Fall time to me screams tweed so I love to pair my trusty structured tweed jacket with a soft pink lace dress just to mix things up a bit. The contrast of the strong jacket with the feminine dress melts my heart. What combinations do you like to pair?

Dress: ModCloth | Blazer: H & M | Necklace: H & M
**I bought these items last year so they’re no longer available, but check out these links for similar items that are so darn cute!**
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