Shine Bright Like A Diamond: Bright Coats

If you read my blog you already know that I am in love with colour. It just makes me so happy! So when I came across this colourful coat at Zara, I knew I had to have it! Brightly coloured coats have been trending lately, but for some reason not a lot of people like to venture past the traditional black and navy. I say go for it! Mix it up a little bit and have some fun this winter. Maybe orange isn’t your colour, but I say go out and find a bold red or blue as a way to ease into bright colours. (But if you love this one, it’s on sale in store at Zara right now!)

When I showed my friend the coat, she exclaimed “…no wonder you love the coat! It comes complete with an Elvish cloak hood straight out of Lord of the Rings!” And I gotta say, feeling like Galadriel on a daily basis rocks.

Coat: Zara  |  Boots: Sorel  | Scarf: Simi Accessories 
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