Stylishly Survive the Winter: My Top Four Winter Coat Picks

We’re past the halfway mark between winter and spring, and I’m getting sad that I’ll have to hang up my lovely winter coats and push them to the back of the closet. But before we get there, I just want to highlight some of my favourite winter coat trends from this season!

This year has been all about punchy colours and interesting textures.
1) Number one on my list has been the oversized, boxy menswear inspired jacket. Clean lines and simple details will never go out in style.

2) Second on the list has been anything plaid (especially in unusual colours like this purple beauty from Anthropologie). And a detachable faux fur collar adds that vintage flair I’m always looking for!

Top Left: Wool Coat with Funnel Collar (Zara)
Top Right: Fiona Coat (Anthropologie)
Bottom Left: Coat with Cape Sleeves (Asos)
Bottom Right: Leather Sleeved Wool Jacket (Aliexpress)
3) Third up is of course plaid again, but with a twist! Capes, capelets, and cloak style have been at the top of my list ever since I binged watched the latest Outlander tv series based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon. There’s just something about this look that remains chic but timeless at the same time.

4) And finally is the two toned jacket trend that’s been popping up everywhere. Faux leather sleeves add an unexpected twist to a classic shape. And don’t forget the season’s icing on the cake- the pom pom touque!

What was your favourite trend this season? 
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