Library in Style: The Embellished Dress

It’s been so chilly lately I had to dig this lovely embellished dress out of the closest! The heavy fabric and sleeves makes it ideal for this cool spring weather, and not to mention it’s super cute! How do you feel about embellished dresses and tops? I love how easy it is to look put together, but on the other hand feel a little boxed into looking just like every other woman who bought this dress.

I know school is officially out for the summer, but I absolutely love the imagery of the library and the coloured book background. It’s my little homage to my life as an eternal student.

Dress: Zara
Purse: Thrifted

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  1. I absolutely love that dress! It is gorgeous and I think unique. I haven't me any of those other people who bought it 🙂

    1. We have fantastic taste Natalie! 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  2. Nice Blog dear! The dress is beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot! 🙂

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