Outfit: Strawberry Fields Forever

I’m a little late to post this- spent the entire weekend at an outdoor music festival which ate up all my free time! This is one of my favourite skirts from ModCloth’s private label brand Bea and Dot! The berry pattern just screams summer and is always a hit at summer picnics.

My favourite thing about this skirt is that it has pockets- a characteristic I always look for in dresses and skirts. You don’t realize how handy pockets are in a dress until you have them (and for the social media obsessed person that I am, I love being able to steathly carry my phone around!). 

Outfit Details
Skirt: Bea and Dot from MODCLOTH

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  1. Gorgeous look. Love the skirt.


  2. Erica says: Reply

    I totally remember your obsession with pockets and how you passed it on to me. Pockets in dresses are an absolute win!

  3. Sarah says: Reply

    Such a cute outfit! I actually had an outfit like this with apples on it when I was a kid, so fun and nostalgic!

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