Outfit: Crochet Time

This summer has been all about hats for me, because honestly, who doesn’t love a good hat?
Although the classic fedora could never go out of style, shows like Mad Men and Pan Am have brought back them back to its former stylish glory and nowadays you can find them everywhere.

Because it’s still warmer weather, I’m rocking oversized paper fedoras- they’re light weight and help protect me from those harsh summer rays! This one in particular is super cute… how can you resist buying it when it has such a cute bow detail on the trim?

A little shout out to the 70s crochet and macrame lover in me… the detailing on the bottom of this top adds a touch of vintage to the look and reminds me that I can still get a vintage look without wearing a dress or skirt!
Outfit details
Shirt: ROMWE

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  1. Gorgeous top. I love your hat too.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  2. Hey,
    very sweet Outfit 🙂
    Love it!

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